Friday, November 11, 2016

Online Shaping Offline

It would be hard to argue that social media did not play a role in the 2016 Presidential election. Whether the argument would lean more towards the media favoring Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is up to the individual, there is a clear connection between media and the conversations surrounding the election. Because of this connection, I would argue that online and digital culture shapes offline ideas in terms of religious ideas throughout the candidates campaigns. It was talked about throughout the election that it was important for Trump to be this religious figure for the United States during his campaign and during his presidency. I believe these memes are examples of blending because it is taking the idea of offline material and placing it in a media that is easily accessible to the masses. Throughout this election, it is even more apparent that these types of media effect how people view Trump and his religious perspective.

Here are some examples of Trump memes related to religion: