Friday, October 21, 2016

What am I writing about?

As the election season is in full circle, I am interested in how Christianity and its portrayal in media affects the political campaigns of specifically Donald Trump but also Hillary Clinton. And going even deeper, I would like to explore the reverse effects of politics on religion. While I have not studied Internet memes and instagram accounts purely for this reason, both are great outlets to examine how media and religion can greatly change people’s opinions on the presidential candidates running for office. Some of the memes I have compiled have modern twists on religion that relates directly to the candidates. In addition, I have also found some memes that give some historical background on Christianity and how political issues would have been viewed during the earlier elections. It is clear that media has influenced each campaign whether positively or negatively. However, I will take a closer look into how memes and the internet has changed the outcome of the 2016 election and even past elections. My focus for this upcoming assignment will be Trump Memes as a portrayal of both positive and negative lights of Christianity and how both have influenced his political campaign.

Here are two memes that I have found to argue my focus:

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