Friday, October 21, 2016

Religious Identity Online

Whether positive or negative, religion creates an identity and a label. I will focus on Trumps religious identity online through memes that have both reflected him in a positive and negative light during his campaign. He has tried to portray himself as the ultimate Christian Conservative man. And while some like to believe his statement, others have torn him apart during the election season because of his mistakes. Identity has become a huge topic but even more so with media and the focus on the election. Conversations are completely revolved around "what party are you supporting?" "what policy changes do you want to see in the next four years?" "which candidate do you think is the least bad?" All of this however, has everything to do with identity and what others want to categorize you as in their mind. On an even larger scale, people across the nation have done the same to Donald Trump based off of statements he has made while being in the spotlight. He was not raised to be in the spotlight when it comes to politics. But because he has chosen to do so, his religious identity has both strengthened and weakened in some aspects. For example, lets take a look at this meme a little bit closer:

It reads: "I don't read the bible very often...but when I do, I read two Corinthians." During one of his speeches, he completely mistakes saying "two Corinthians" when the correct term should be "Second Corinthians." Many Americans looked at this mistake and took it as he was not a truly religious man when he portrayed himself as such. While this could have been an honest mistake, the masses have blown this statement and twisted it to say he has no religious background and is not the family man that he says he is. I have found it interesting throughout this campaign to see how words and actions combined with media can completely change America's perspective on the candidates. In future posts, I will explore further into some more of the negative and some of the positive portrayals of Trump and his Christian beliefs.

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